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"One of the most hopeful things I have seen and heard in sixty years of enthusiasm for traditional jazz."

"This band plays so well and presents itself so well that it is obvious that, despite their youth, they are well-versed in the traditions of their kind of jazz. As they struck up their first number several couples leapt up immediately to dance such was the pull of the music and the frequent rounds of applause that followed were deep and sustained right across their audience, a sure sign that they were something special. "

Peter Inson, 'Mersea Life' March 2023

"Looking around, everyone had smiles on their faces as they enjoyed the professionalism and pure talent of this relatively young band. Their love of traditional jazz shone through and we hope this was the first of many more trips to the club."

Griffin Park Jazz Club, October 2023

"Despite their youth they are well-versed in Swing and Dixieland music, drawing frequent rounds of deserved applause."

Frank Farkenbloom, 'The Syncopated Times', October 31 2023

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